Jim Carey – Karate Instructor

I remember watching this video one evening…way back when, and I recall that while it was funny, at the time I also thought it was a bit insulting to the Karate that I was involved in. The satire made karate look bad. Or so I thought then.

Well, that was then. I was relatively young and proud of the Karate that we practiced and taught. But ‘our’ karate world was caught up in one dojo and under one instructor. Thank God he was (is) an extremely proficient instructor and extremely traditional in his ways.

Fast forward and with over a 30 years worth or perspective, we’re now posting the video as an aide to future, and in some cases I hope, existing students who are either considering taking up the Art or find themselves in a Dojo where the instructor resembles Mr. Carey in his ways. And it’s quite common, unfortunately.

What’s wrong, you ask? Excellent question, Grasshopper! Karate instructors (Sensei) are supposed to be humble. Their job is to teach karate, not to build up their own ego by their accomplishments, whether real, contrived or set upon them. Instructors, Yudansha and Karateka who are indeed great, rarely show it outwardly. Their greatness is just….there.

OK, here’s something from left field as an example, for thought. In William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night he wrote; “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them” (Quote Act II, Scene V). I can just as easily quote some of karate’s great Masters, but this one works just fine. I love that quote. You see, great karate instructors don’t have to ‘look’ great, or ‘act’ great. Their greatness is reflected in the way they conduct themselves and in their students. They take a back seat to their own ‘greatness’, if any. That accolade, will be given by future generations.

So what’s wrong with the Video?….nothing, really. It’s hilarious. It’s everything a karate instructor is NOT supposed to be. We are not invincible. We cannot shift our body organs (or maybe I missed that class). We cannot catch a bullet in our teeth (remember that one?). Our bones do break, like anyone else’s, and we do suffer from pain. And very, very few of us are ‘World Champions’. Maybe, just maybe, I’m champion of my block. So much for the fantasies.

So if you do visit a dojo, as a prospective student, and see an instructor who is ‘Jim Carey like’, run away quickly! If you are a student of one already, and truly enjoy your style and the art of Karate, you may want to take a look at who else is out there to teach you.

The Karate journey is a life time journey. It is a long one, and your foundation has to be solid so you can overcome all of the obstacles you will encounter. Build that foundation on a good instructor. So, how do you choose an instructor? Another good question, Grasshopper! We’ll try to figure that one out in our next posting.


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