The purpose of this blog is to take a broad, sometimes light hearted, look at Karate. We hope to enlighten those who are seriously thinking about starting the long walk into Karate and Karate-do, and also to highlight some of the lighter do’s and don’ts of our Art/Sport. Together we have over 50 years of martial arts training and teaching and we think we know just enough to get ourselves in serious trouble with our students and peers. For that reason we will never use any real identities or specific locations (including our own, of course) unless asked to do so by those making editorial contributions.  

With regards to contributions, let us make this one time disclosure: Many, If not most, of the things you will find here are not necessarily in any way original from our heads. Surely we would like to take credit for them but let’s get serious; we’re the dummies writing this Blog, so…..

We welcome any and all comments and will post them if appropriate, meaning that they are clean of profanity or questionable content. We don’t mind posting negative comments, which we are certain there will be many. We know that many will take exception to some of the things we say or some of our views. That’s OK. That’s the way it is with our Art/Sport. If you really take exception, there are options: Don’t read the blog, make comments to us so we can respond, and lastly…start your own blog so we can read it and send YOU some enlightening comments. You see, we know that when we talk about Karate for Dummies, we accept that we are probably at the front of the line. Welcome on board!

Thanks for visiting our blog.


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