Now, this is a really difficult topic because there are so many Karate and Martial Arts styles, from so many different roots and so many different founders. And it’s our intention to provide information, evenly, on as many as we can. So we suspect that we may get some comments on this as we go along.

For the sake of just a general Philosophy statement we will try to give a single, general ‘root’ statement as to not just how it applies to Karate but to other martial arts as well.

Later on as we get into different martial arts styles, there may be more information as it applies to that style in particular.

Now that we’ve confused even ourselves, we’ll get to work. Oh, yes, let me once again state for the record, that we are proficient only in Shotokan Karate. But we have an open, positive mind about all martial arts and martial arts styles. So if we ever appear to give more weight to Shotokan than any other style, we expect and deserve you strongly reminding me of my statement above.



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