Karate is a Japanese martial art. All of our techniques, rules, formalities and so on are based on the Japanese language and style. Japanese, as with any foreign language, is not an easy language to learn, with many “sounds” and qualities unfamiliar to us. We don’t have to learn to “speak” Japanese but we do need to familiarize ourselves with some of it to properly practice Karate in the traditional way. We need to memorize some words and some Japanese terms of what we do at the “dojo”…..oops that’s the first word you will learn…..Dojo means “School”. ‘Do’ means ‘Way’. ‘Jo’ means ‘Place’. So together, the word means Place of the Way.

We will try our best here to give you, little by little, some of these words we use….and hopefully make you curious about our Karate. But….if you want to learn how to write those words in Japanese….maybe it’s better for you to find a nice language school.



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